Duffey Natural Laboratories locates in Vancouver, the central city of west coast Canada. It was founded by a group of scientists from universities and research institutes in Canada and United States. The ambition of Duffey is to combine the state-of-art technology and powerful natural ingredients and transform them into truly effective, natural and safe personal care and health support products .

Duffey Natural laboratories is founded on four pillars, namely:

  • Focus on health-related areas
  • Use only natural and safety materials
  • Employ and develop state-of-the-art technologies
  • The production and usage of our products should not harm the environment


Food Cleaning:

Pesticide residue and bacteria contamination is a worldwide problem and it poses severe health risks. Most fruit and vegetable cleaning products, like traditional detergent, still use surfactants as the effective component, which, because of the potential health risk, are generally not allowed to treat food directly. After three years of research, Duffey Natural Laboratories has developed an formula based on 100% natural minerals, all of which are generally regarded as safe (GRAS) to be used as food processing aids or food additives. The innovative cleaning mechanism uses three different approaches, and is able to effectively remove pesticide and bacteria from a molecular level.

Natural Hair Dye:

Traditional hair dye contains chemicals such as ammonium and phenols that are harmful to both hair and scalp. On the other hand, the so-claimed natural hair dye products, limited by current technology, are terribly difficult to use. Duffey Natural Lab. is working on developing new formula that enhances user experience, as well as testing herbal natural product as alternative to harmful chemicals.

Immunity Enhancing:

Morden living style has brought up a series of health problems, one of which is low immunity. Not only does a weakened immune system increases the chance of getting cold or other kind of infection, but also it can potentially lead to more serious health problems. Duffey Natural Lab. believes in the power of natural remedies and is collaborating with some leading institutions to test the efficacies of some plant-origin natural products.


The team members of Duffey Natural Laboratories have deep academic backgrounds. 70% of the team members have PhD degrees, and the rest 30% are Masters. There are botany and phytochemistry experts from the University of British Columbia, chemical detection and analysis expert from the University of Washington, organic chemist form Boston College, biochemist from the University of Wisconsin Madison, expert in medicinal science and nutrition from the Memorial University of Newfoundland and bio-statistician from the University of Victoria. The team has a total research experience of more than 50 years. The team members have participated in and also led numerous academic and governmental research projects and published plenty papers in distinguished peer-review journals.


If you'd like to join us or have any question, please contact us without hesitation.